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  • Telecommunications · 95%
  • IT Solutions · 90%
  • E-Commerce Development · 92%

Our objective is the continuous monitoring of growth in the telecommunications field in order to understand the customer needs and provide the best possible service in terms of quality and price.

Our company accomplishes its objectives, thanks to its long-standing experience and highly expertised staff, which is in constant training and fully informed in the field of telecommunications.

IT solutions and e-commerce development which highlights advanced user experience and efficiency. COSMOCONNECT enters the new era of e-commerce transactions in the global market.


Services Services

Tele communications

Official partners in Germany and Turkey and exclusive collaboration with Megatelekom.

Our Target

Telecomunications technology that deals with continuously growing demands and market requirements.

IT Solutions

We provide IT solutions, helping companies to make their digital visions reality.

E- Commerce

Our technology is not a standard eshop. We provide the tools to a revolutionary e-market.


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L. Poseidonos 69
174 55, Alimos, Greece

Tel: [+30] 210 9851 330
Fax: [+30] 210 9851 330